Find out which program caused the "block" of Windows!


It happens more or less frequently than the system blocks for any error that causes the crash of windows and open applications, especially with older versions of Windows

In these cases it is difficult for users to find the reason why Windows has crashed and not responding to commands, especially if you have several open applications. 

But there is a simple free program called WinCrashReport, that in the event of a system crash provides an error report, particularly the reporting of the application that caused the block. 


The ratio of WinCrashReport is displayed as plain text or HTML, and includes a variety of information to find out the reason that caused the hang of Windows: the program name, description, address of cache memory and other useful information. 

More info:


- The program works on all Windows platforms. 

- No installation required, just run the exe file to start WinCrashReport.




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